Barandillas de hierro, aluminio y acero inoxidable

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Railings and Balustrades

At Talleres Mascaró Florit we are able to offer all types of solutions in iron, aluminium, steel and other metals to meet all our personal customers' needs. All our solutions are tailored to their surroundings.

We specialize in making traditional wrought ironwork by hand, but using the most modern techniques. This enables us to provide all kinds of shapes and classic designs with the highest guarantee of quality.

Craftsmanship in wrought iron is one of our strong points; it finds one of its highest expressions in railings, balustrades, gates and screens. However, at Talleres Mascaró Florit we also make these articles in aluminium, and featuring cables, rods and glass panels, always adapting to the market's current needs and to the demand from our customers.

All these components go to make a secure, well-designed, minimalist product that lends itself to many different compositions and countless combinations with other materials, always with clean lines and a high level of safety.

Proof of this is that we are amongst the pioneers of welded solid aluminium railings and balustrades in Spain.

iso-9001 CE Puertas y ventanas peatonales CE 1035/C PR/ES078053