Ventanas de aluminio, hierro y acero inoxidable

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Our History

As a firm we go back to 1923 with Mr. Bartolomé Florit Florit - uncle of Francisco Mascaró Florit, our present-day manager - who worked an old forge: the company made all types of articles for the field, horseshoes, etc.

As the years went by, Talleres Mascaró Florit moved with the times, building on its original skills to take on work of all types, always in metal. In 1966 we introduced aluminium joinery, which opened up for us a wide field of new applications, and enabled us to expand the work we were already doing for the construction industry.

At present, thanks to the expertise we've gained over all these years, we provide all types of solutions in any kind of metal. We make articles to fulfil our customers' specific orders for aluminium joinery, wrought iron, steel and other metals.

Innovation, a constant striving to perform better, and top quality articles are part of our ethos. Towards this end, we have recently acquired a computer-controlled waterjet from TCI Cutting with which we precision-cut all types of materials.

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