Carpintería de aluminio, carpintería de hierro y carpintería de acero inoxidable

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Talleres Mascaró Florit | Carpintería en aluminio, hierro y acero inoxidable | Ventanas de aluminio, hierro y acero inoxidable | Alaior (Menorca)

Talleres Mascaró Florit

Talleres Mascaró Florit is a business providing solutions and making articles of all kinds out of iron, aluminium and stainless steel, along with other metals since 1923.

The expertise we've gained since we began trading enables us to do the best joinery work in aluminium, iron, stainless steel and any of the other metals we deal in, to build all types of windows, doors, up-and-over doors, railings, balustrades, gates, screens, wrought ironwork, custom-made structures...

That is why we at Talleres Mascaró Florit are well known for all our clients, not only for the highest quality of our products and services, but for the personal service do we provide.

Thank you for visiting our website and discovering how we can help you.

Solutions for Private Individuals Solutions for Professionals

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