Tecnología de corte en alta precisión de carpintería de aluminio, hierro y acero inoxidable

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Technology and Quality

Research, Development and Innovation

Continuous innovation in materials, product, solutions and design is one of our firm's maxims; and so it is that each year we devote part of our budget to this end.

The experience gained over all our years in the industry and our engineers' knowledge of all the materials and products, mean that we can advise our customers as to the best solution, and present to them the design that might best suit each article's placement and needs.

At Talleres Mascaró Florit we are very used to working with the various versions of AutoCAD, but we are also knowledgeable about other computer applications used in the industry.

Where technology is concerned, the firm's latest acquisition is a computer-controlled high velocity, high pressure waterjet from TCI Cutting with which we are able to do high-precision cutting of all kinds of materials: sheet metal, marble, stainless steel, iron, aluminium, crystal, glass, etc.

Watch a video of our machine working here.

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