Escaleras y estructuras de hierro y acero inoxidable

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At Talleres Mascaró Florit we are able to offer all types of solutions in iron, aluminium, steel and other metals to meet all our personal customers' needs. All our solutions are tailored to their surroundings.

We make our windows in the company workshops and they are of highest quality, with a long serviceable life. They form an effective moisture barrier, provide thermal and sound insulation and let in the maximum amount of light, while having modern aesthetic features. In this regard, at Talleres Mascaró Florit we offer a wide range of windows designed to meet our customers' every need.

We make them mostly out of aluminium, a material that needs no maintenance of any kind, does not need any coats of paint and is suitable for exterior use since it withstands harsh weather conditions. However, we also make windows in any of the materials in which we specialize, always suiting them to our customers' needs.

In addition, we pioneered the manufacture of Mallorcan slatted shutter blinds, both fixed and movable.

iso-9001 CE Puertas y ventanas peatonales CE 1035/C PR/ES078053